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"The vast majority of executives think that knowledge workers will be their most valuable source of competitive advantage in 2020, whether in outward-facing functions such as sales or inward-facing ones such as knowledge management."

The Foresight 2020 Survey - The Economist 2006

At BOLDMOVES CHINA, we provide the "missing piece of the puzzle" to enable companies to equip their employees for this inevitable business shift.


People are the engine of every organization. We work with companies in developing their HR Strategy. This review process takes into account the companies' Core Values and Key Performance Measures, while keeping a close eye on the bottom line.

We also assist organizations in developing Leadership & Mentorship Programs, Performance Management, Sales Training and Development Programs.


The objective of every organization is to attain optimum performance from each individual. When employees are working at their peak performance, companies are capable of achieving great things. In today's market there is a continued demand for increased productivity.

We provide one-on-one coaching or team coaching. Each of our programs are designed and tailored for our client's organization.

Services BOLDMOVES CHINA Management Consultants

Executive Coaching
Leadership Development
Performance Management
Effective Teambuilding
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BOLDMOVES CHINA Management Consultants